Thursday, June 17, 2010

~Three's Company (& Decorating!)~

I am woman... nope.

I am Mom, therefore I can accomplish anything, with helpers!

For Katelyne's 4th birthday *shudder, twitch*, she decided that she wanted her bedroom redecorated. She has apparently, at 4, outgrown the pink and has matured to more sophisticated colors such as, pur-pole.

When we put her nursery together all those 4 years ago, Eric and I lovingly (with curse words) put up the coordinating boarder that went with her bedding. Because I enjoyed the boarder so much, I searched high and low for bedding for her full size bed so we could leave it up! Katelyne has other plans for her room.

This weekend, we are going to paint her room, a lovely shade of lavender called "Butterfly Flutter-By".... you are feeling Disney-ish already aren't you? Today the kids and I headed over to our neighborhood Cresco - that is after all, what the commercial tells us to do - and rented a "Wall Paper Steamer Offer Thingie". I have to double check my receipt, but I am almost positive that is its name.
And in less than an hour, all of my baby nursery visions were in a pile in a bag. The entire room was a cool 100 degrees thanks to the steamer thingie and I was exhausted steaming the boarder all the while holding Ty off so he would not scorch his precious face...
Surprisingly, I am not sad. Sometimes I look at my kids and I think "Gosh, where did the time go???", but I am not sad about it. I am interested in watching them grow and become their own little person. Katelyne now knows that her favorite color is purple, 6 months ago she did not know that - and 6 months from now it could change again... Yup, times, they are a changin' and my babes, they are a growin'... it's not so bad.

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