Friday, June 7, 2013

~Clearly Things Have Changed...~

Oh my! How time has flown by! It is amazing how things can get away from you so quickly when the kids get older and start school and have activities almost daily. I think this is the first time I have sat down in the last 2 and a half years!

The family has grown!

We are now nearing the end of 1st grade and entering summer with my soon-to-be 2nd grader and Pre-schooler. YIKES!

In the past time, things have obviously changed and as a result, this little blog may seem a bit different. But, will still reflect the fun adventures with my family... I am sure the not-so-fun ones will show up too. Hopefully you have come back to check!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

~I Have Been Found Out...~

The kids and I set out to the Farm today to get our fresh fruits and veg for the next few days... I cannot tell you how delicious the pears looked! They were .30 a piece! Amazing! I bought 4.Tyler has had them before and Katelyne is still struggling with the "I don't like it..." whenever she sees somethings that does not resemble Mac N Cheese or a processed Chicken Nugget.

So, for lunch today I cut up and served them both some of the pear, and decided to tell them it was, in fact, apple.

Katelyne instantly told me she didn't like it. I informed her that she had never had it before and she should try it... I continued that it was an October Apple that only grew around Halloween time and had a sweetness to it like Candy Corn. (You believe me right?!)
I was switching laundry and over heard this:

Katelyne to Tyler - "Bub, did you try this? Mom says it is 'Tober Apple... I don't believe her. I think she just wants us to taste it........... Do you want mine? Ok, me either."

Then the softest whisper ever... "Roxy!!! Rrrroooooxxxyyyyyyy!!!! Here you go good girl."

I am unsure if I should be upset......

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~Would CPS Approve?"

Katelyne - "Mom, I am thirsty... can I get a juice out the garage please?"
Me - "Sure Honey, thanks for being polite."
Katelyne - *Comes in with something behind her back* "Mom, you know what would be soooo good for my tummy?!" *Turns around with a beer* "If I could drink this!"
Me - "Are you nuts? Go put that back please and get your juice..."
Katelyne - "But I promise I will take a good nap if I can have this..."
Me - "You have no idea... have a juice" *Hmmmm, maybe.......*

A few seconds later she comes in with a juice...

Katelyne - "Mom? I sure would have like to drink that cream soda!"
Me - "What cream soda?
Katelyne - "The one dad drinks, he told me it was his cream soda!"


~WHAT???? Are you still doing that Blog?!~

*sigh* Yes, I am still doing the bog, but from the last post with Katelyne starting PreSchool, to say it has been crazy is just not even close to touching how life has been.

Being as hectic as it has been, we have managed to make time for oh-so-fun things with the kids pretty regularly. This past weekend we packed up the ol' Acura for a trip to Pixieland in Concord. It is a small amusement Park in the middle of a big park. It is small. Did I mention it was small? I looked it up online before we went and to say the map was deceiving is just not enough... we were there about 2 hours AND we had lunch AND we rode some rides twice AND we stopped to potty AND we waited about 6 minutes for the train AND we bought more tickets... we tried to drag it out a little bit.

The first ride Katelyne rode was the airplanes. She is such a big girl - this was the first time she rode a ride all by herself! I was a little emotional, to which I was told to "get the eff over it...". Apparently my husband lacks in the sympathy department.
She also choose to ride the car by herself! It was so cute... she was concentrating and seemed to really believe SHE was driving that car.
Eric and Tyler followed behind in the red car... It took Tyler a little bit to get comfy with it.
Soon, he realized HE could actually steer! And he made car "zoomy" noises the rest of the trip.
My ever sympathetic husband was unable to take the kids on the TeaCups because of a weak stomach... Pfft! All that means is he is a sissy when it comes to fun things... So, Fun Mom went! I will admit that Katelyne begged me to turn the TeaCup and I did - and I gagged. Twice.

The train was last. And the damn thing was so small that I was sitting next to Katelyne in the car in front of Eric and Tyler and this is the only picture I could get because we were practically on top of each other...
What trip is complete without a tat?
The kids had a blast. It was a fun afternoon and rather inexpensive too! Whoo Hoo!
I know that we will go again because I was told, "Mom?! You know what would be a great idea???" "What Katelyne?" " If you brought Tyler and me back here soon for more fun without Dad!" "Yup, that would be fun..."

Monday, August 23, 2010

~First Day of Pre-School~

Such a big girl. Time has certainly flown by and now I have a real "pre-schooler"...
Here is her new classroom:
She played outside on the new playground:
And most importantly, she made a fantastic Mrs. Potato Head...
She was so proud of her creation:

I will still say, that I am not sad that she is growing. I will still say, that I am happy to watch her grow... and it will still be hardest to convince myself.

I am, however, so very proud of her. She is smart, witty, compassionate and an all around wonderful little person - even at 4 years old.

Monday, August 16, 2010

~Dear Molars~

You suck. You keep my son up at night because he is uncomfortable.

You prevent him from veering out of his current staple diet of frozen blueberries, strawberries and the daily Popsicle, of which he will only eat orange.

But you are leaving for some good picture sequentials: (And yes, I put that shirt on him purposefully - if he could speak in full sentences, he would most definitely say, "Leaf me alone")

And then he gagged himself with the stick.... twice. I guess he really wanted to read the joke.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~Tea Party for a Princess~

*sigh* My baby is 4...

And since she IS a Princess, we had to have a Princess Party for her.

There is a fantastic place about 3 cities over (sounds farther than it is), that is home to SuperFranks! They have an outstanding Princess Tea Party Room...
They do the little girls hair, complete with glitter AND they get to dress up as a Princess - as many times as they like....
Katelyne and I make cupcakes with purple sprinkles, we had chocolate covered grahm crackers as a favor and the kids each took a bucket full of candy... you can see the buckets behind the candy jars here:
We stamped and water color painted cupcakes on a few sticks:

I am not that talented... we bought these:
Cinderella showed up!!!!!!
Your Heiress let peasants such as Mom and Dad get close enough to take a picture:
The kiddies dined on pizza and juice:
And Missy was wiped out!
It was so much fun, but the best part was on the way home when she told us, "it was the best day of her life..."