Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Katelyne And Her Purple Room!~

Katelyne has had the worst allergies this past week. Her biggest struggle with them is a nagging cough. And cough. And cough. And cough. She fell asleep last night at about 8:30 only to wake up at 10 and cough so hard she barfed all over her bed and Woobie. (Yes, barfing on the bed is bad. Barfing on Woobie is just abominable). So, I stripped her bed and she climbed in with Eric and I. Yup, just Eric, me and our little starfish...

After a sleepless night of being up with a coughing starfish... I finally decided to stop counting how many times the fan blades spin in a minute and got out of bed at 5:30am and started to paint her room. Eric had left me long before this point and was sound asleep on the couch. This was our plan all along to paint today, I just started a little earlier than originally planned!

We did "Swiss Coffee" on the top and "Butterfly Flutter By" on the bottom. Both picked by Katelyne.
Daddy was ever so kind as to cut, curse at and hang a chair moulding...

Since we put her credenza in the closet to free up floor space, we painted and put the chair moulding in there as well to finish it off...
Literally at about 2:30 we were finished and put it all back together! She picked this lamp and shade...
I used my old Hope Chest (that holds her dress-up things) with some pillows so she has a place to sit and read...
Her bed and new bedding she picked...
The quilt is a lavender and white check, andwe paired it with this fairy duvet cover she LOVED! It is from pottery Barn Kids and was uber expensive... that is, it was! I did not want to pay 80$ for it and waited so long to do so, that by the time I went back to get it, it was only 30$... Woot!
We hung a coat rack for her bags and things...And here is where we use her closet to the fullest. The 3 hole hanging thingie in the middle is for when she starts school. This way she can have her 3 days worth of outfits all ready to go! (She only has school 3 days a week)
As I type, Katelyne is sound asleep in her new room. She told Eric and I "thank you" several times today without prompting... I think she likes it!
*I kind of have the jealousies.......*


  1. Ahhh poor girl, but her room is beautiful!!! I love purple myself too :)

  2. I just love these colors......Her Daddy did such good job with the chair rail. She is such a little Princess...well she's our little Princess and we love her so!!!
    Love, Katie Bear's Grammy