Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Hey Mom! Look At This Platform I Can Climb!~

Ty-ler (name): To throw everything, to eat everything, to point and grunt constantly and will climb anything that stands still long enough.

Example (sentence): Tyler! Get off of that! You will fall and crack your head open!

Tyler decided to climb the planter bed surround yesterday. When he was busted by camera clicking Mom, he turned with a very innocent look.....

And almost instantly, turned to RUN the length of it!

Katelyne thought it was funny that he was "frweek-in you out Mommy!"

*deep, cleansing breath and release*

1 comment:

  1. Yup...he's all boy!!! But we wouldn't want him anyother way!!! He's tuff to the bone...UNLESS of course his mommy is around...then he becomes this helpless little Momma's boy wanting to be held....but that is not happening very often anymore....he's just go go go...all the time!!! Kisses my Tyler...Grammy just loves you so much...but glad your giving your Mommy a run for her money!!! LOL