Sunday, July 12, 2009

~4th of July Camping Fun~

Fourth of July weekend we headed out West... well, not really so much West as North West. Our destination was Fernwood Resort in Big Sur California. Camping with Grammie and PopPop! We were nestled in the redwoods of the coast, with quiet, starry nights, cool summer days and TONS of fun. Everyday was constant play. Daddy and Katelyne took to the rapids of the river...

Katelyne played on shore looking for an endless supply of rocks to toss into the river...

Tyler napped... when it was time for dinner and Tyler was sleeping so soundly, we have to improvise as to where to put him.... who hasn't slept cozily in a tote???

Every night ended with a roaring fire compliments of PopPop and Daddy. Katelyne had her first taste of s'mores. Yummy!!!

We had a blast! Eric and I have such fond memories growing up and camping with our parents, that we just sit and smile at all of the similar memories we are building for our kiddos. Being out together, with no television, no cell phone and really nowhere to go, gives us the chance to talk, play and enjoy each other to the fullest...

Thanks for the opportunity California - Happy America Day!!!

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