Sunday, June 28, 2009

~My Growing Babes~

My little Hammie is well on her way to being a teenager. She needed a new swimsuit for summer and had to have this 2-piece. When we decided to go swim in the back yard she insisted on wearing it and struck this pose after asking me to take her picture... She is soooo huge.
I have to say it again though, such a good kid. Lately we are having more of the sassy "I do it!" independence, but she sure does shine 99% of the time.... Love her...

Yesterday Eric, Katelyne and I had the most amazing, fun filled water fight in the backyard! We were running all over squirting each other with the little fishes Katelyne has from the tub, until Eric traded up for a cup FULL of water! Such a cheater, but Katelyne squealed constantly with laughter, I headed indoors, heehee - SUCH A BLAST!

We are headed off to go camping with Grammie and PopPop this coming weekend and last night during our shower we were talking about how much fun we had all day and about how we were going to have fun camping... almost instantly, Katelyne looked up at me with this evil little crooked eye and said, "I squirt Grammie with the fish!" So look out Grammie!!!! We are all practiced up - and we are coming for you!!!!

And my Tyler. He is now 12 weeks (Tuesday) and a shade under 18lbs. As you can see from the picture below, we are already fielding offers and keeping our options open....We will only negotiate with the Yankees (or the Giants if we have too...).

Oh,... Love my babies too much!

Happy 4th!!

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