Friday, June 12, 2009

~Fur Babies~

So, aside from having 2 scrumptious kiddos, we also have a 'fur baby' - RoxyAnne. She is a fantastic Golden Retriever whom my kids over-love on a daily basis.

A week ago we headed out to my parents house and the whold family showed up... the WHOLE family and all of our 'fur babies'!

Meet, from left to right:
RoxyAnne, Jackson, Joan and Indiana

RoxyAnne is my fur baby. She is too precious for words and most often my 'favorite' child. Yup, I picked a favorite. She doesn't talk back, say sassy things, roll her eyes, require midnight feedings, no constant diaper changes.... you get it right?!

Oh, ....Jackson. He is my Mother's Morkie. He is a complete terror and trouble maker. It is 100% 'little dog syndrome'... enough said.

As if Joan and Indiana weren't adorable enough, their names go together... together they are Indiana Joan...... Awwwww. Indiana is the biggest love you would ever meet - even though he is really scary looking by shear size alone. And Joan... she is in charge - of everyone/everything. She puts Indiana in his place and I have seen her pin Jackson down several times... to which he replies by hiding under her chest and barking as if to tease her "you can't get me! Nanna nanna nanna!!!"


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  1. Oh my.....I once again have to stand up for my now favorite child or Fur Baby as you called them. He as you know has become the lite of my life when my grandbabies aren't around. He's a great travler and loves both Mom and Dad unconditionaly as we love him...he's not a terror or a trouble maker at all just in the wrong spot at the wrong time some times :-) At least my Katie Bear loves her Uncle Jack and I know Ty will also love to carry him around like a stuffed animal they think he is.....I do have to say I love our Roxy Ann....she's a wonderful fur baby that's for sure. Indy and Jone Fritz are such good Fur Babies we just love them all....