Monday, June 8, 2009

~And In This Corner...~

Weighing in at 15lbs 10oz.... Oh, Yeah. You read it right. My son is in the 100 percentile for his weight - what does that mean you ask? He is the same size as the average 5 month old. He was 2 months old yesterday. (I will let that soak in for a bit....)
Katelyne was so excited when we picked her up from school the other day that when she came home she asked to hold him... yup, you are 100% correct when you imagine that my 2 month old is near the size of my almost 3 year old. Amazing.
So, Eric and I have been beyond busy in the work department in recent weeks and as days have started running together we get work in while we can. Well, today my Tyler fell asleep in his crib (a whole other mix of emotions) I decided to be a bad Mommy and sit Katelyne down for some Sesame Street time... after a few minutes it was a little too quiet.

This was my discovery...

And so I went to check on "little man".....

I got sooooo much work done - Whoo Hoo!!!


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  1. Yes...he's a Chunk A Monk that's for sure!!!!