Sunday, July 12, 2009

~Lessons From Big Sister~

Before I was a Mommy, I was always told several things by people that were parents already.
*Get your sleep now...
*I hope you have a strong gag reflex...
*You think life is crazy now?.....
You know, the things that come along with parenthood.

But, the one thing I heard over and over after I had my daughter and was pregnant with Tyler was, "...when you see your kids playing together, you will melt..." and I did.

The other night while I was cooking dinner, I suddenly heard Katelyne talking so softly and sweetly to Tyler saying, "push the 1... good job!" I look over and she is holding his hand "helping" him push the '1'... and then she says, "this is how we call on the phone." She was so kind, gentle and loving toward him. It really was a melting point.

Then my Ty-Ty got hungry and took matters into his own hands... I am guessing he was hungry - he could have made a prank call and been doing some heavy breathing into the phone! Maybe?

But, at the end of the day...prank call or teething, he is adorable...

And the love that was in my kitchen that evening while I cooked was amazing. My two little ones, playing together and enjoying each other. Everyday is just that...amazing.

Bring on the teenage years!!! I got this!!! >:-)

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  1. Oh my dearest Nicole you say "I got this!"....I think you should hold your comments like that until after Tyler is 3 and Katie Bear is almost 6 I think you will not allow them to reach their teenage years!!! LOL
    Having children the same age apart as you do I know it's not all wonderful moments like you witnessed in the kitchen...more like screaming "Mom make him stop!!!" and "Tyler, you stay out of my room!!!" "MOM....Ty broke my doll house!!!" Have fun!