Sunday, February 22, 2009

~Letter to my Darling Son to be~

So, as you have read, I am pregnant with my 2nd child! I am 35 weeks and counting... well, this pregnancy has been a little rough in the pain department and as my little man grows, so does the pain with him moving. I decided to get this out:

**I realize now I may be a little sarcastic, but it is meant with an unbelievable amount of love :-)**

Dear Tyler,

While I admire your hard work and perseverance, please stop trying to escape my uterus via belly button. That is not the way out and you are causing mommy a lot of pain.

Simply take a moment, evaluate your surroundings, and I'm sure you can find an exit that is much more effective than whatever it is you're trying to do in there.

Thank you,

For you other Mommies out there, I know you can relate to what I am saying... For those of you who have yet to experience the wondermeant which is pregnancy - I am only kidding >:-)

Happy Sunday!


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