Sunday, March 15, 2009

~It's Almost Over~

Well, I am officaially 38 weks today. Almost done - yes, for good.

While this pregnancy has been bumpier than any roller coaster at Disneyland, I am a little sad knowing this is the last few weeks that I will feel one of my children move, kick or get the hiccups in my tummy.

Soon, I will have a new little baby boy to hold. I do believe that this time will be a little sweeter as I know first hand how quickly it will all pass by. I will spend the extra time, watching sleep and listening to him breathe on my face as I hold him. I will worry less about the dishes in the sink "just in case" someone comes over and worry more about working too much and loosing the precious time with a newborn.

My life, as it stands right now, will become more chaotic, less controlled, more hurried, less organized and I am thrilled. Soon, we will be Eric, Nicole, Katelyne AND Tyler (not to forget my fur-baby RoxyAnne). That is amazing. So, yes, I rough roller coaster of a ride, but nothing I would ever change... it has, however it happened, brought forth this fantastic, loving, happy, strivng little family unit. I am blessed.

Even if this was my family.... I am blessed.

Soon to Mommy to 2 Kiddos,
Nicole :-)

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  1. My dear, sweet friend Nicole!

    Thank goodness for your mama's facebook page! I am so excited to see that you are being blessed with a son! I can't wait to meet him and see you again! It has been too long!!!

    Love ya!