Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~Groundhog Day, GO AWAY~

So, I was off to the doctor today for what I thought would be an informative, eventful and somewhat exciting...... Bummer.

I was told that, like my precious daughter, my son is comfy. You see, he is enjoying the lavish lifestyle of ice cream, Girl Scout Samoas, french fries, perfect weather, stable economy... you know - margaritaville. Only his large shaker of salt is the food-on-demand.

So, like my daughter, it appears as though I will be overdue - again and again and again. Dumb groundhog!

I am off... not to sleep, but to run down the street, pushing my car, drinking raspberry leaf tea, stopping every 5 minutes to do a set of jumping jacks, a set of squats... then I may return to drink castor oil... Ok, I will pass on the oil, but the other stuff is set in stone.

Please send an inhaler, as I will need it... to get out of bed - BEFORE I do the above movements.

"labor, labor, labor..."

:-) Nicole

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