Sunday, March 29, 2009

~Still Pregnant~

So, today is the day! What day you ask? Why it is Sunday, March 29, 2009 - how exciting is that! Today was the original due date, before my Doctor moved it to the beginning of March and then reconsidered and moved it back to the 29th! Oh Yeah! Fun times.

Nothing too exciting happening though. Went to Skipolini's Pizza in Walnut Creek on Friday - they have a Prego Pizza said to induce labor within 48 hours. Well, we had that at 6pm on Friday and it is 9:30 on Sunday - Nothin'. I did have some MAJOR hearburn after the pizza and was unable to sleep unless I was sitting completely upright - Not comfy. So, I went to Target and Safeway, Shampooed carpets, bathed the dog, did 6 loads of laundry today - Nothin'. I also ate a whole Pineapple - Nothin' (except heartburn). My back is sore - so that is either progress or gas.
I plan to do some more walking tomorrow. Maybe Katelyne and I will head over to Janie and Jack... LOVE their clothes and the price tags usually get my insides moving! Then, if I actually purchase something usually Eric's insides will move too! :-)

I do LOVE this dress though:

It is $48 and if I make Katelyne wear it everyday for 48 days then really it is only is $1 per wear - right!?

We'll see.

Wish me labor dust!

:-) Nicole

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  1. Well Princess Pooh....I must say you are doing everything you possibly can to assist Tyler make his grand entrance in to our Family.....I do want to promise you I will be reminding him often of the stress he is causing us all by just "hanging out" and taking his precious time coming to the Robinett the future he better never demand anything be done on his time schedule.....or once again he will hear the entire story of his 10 months in your tummy...We am also anxious to see him arrive so continue to try all of your exotic teas and pizza concoctions something is bound to work eventually!!! """"""" that my dear is Labor Dust!