Sunday, February 15, 2009

~Rainy Day Fun~

So after a wet, rainy night, we all awoke to the continuation of a storm that had no intention of ANY outside activities... While about 3 years ago this would be the ticket my husband and I needed to stay in, on the couch watching TV and munching all day, we were faced today with entertaining a little one who, if given the choice would gladly play outside... in this:

It was after much searching for said entertainment, that we took a fieldtrip to our local craft store!! Yeah, us and every other family in the city! >:-) On our trip over, Katelyne proudly announced she was making a "bird house for birdies to eat". So, to the unfinished wood section we went and after about 15 minutes of, "ummmm, no.... ummmm nope, I don't yike dat one, ummmm otay" we were on our way! Whoo Hoo!! Before we walked in the door, she was ready:

Armed with pink in every shade and a touch of green, the masterpiece that was the birdhouse and matching color pallet emerged...

I am sure any bird who flies by this beauty will HAVE to stop if not just to marvel at the pink house shaped thingie that looks as though it may have food... Hmmmmm.

Maybe they will stop and marvel at the colorful blooms that have emerged since we started having all of this rain...

This is not the prettiest pot of flowers, but they are a tell tale sign that spring is comin'! They sit right outside the window for us to remember that while the rain keeps us inside for a time in the winter, when spring comes we are able to head out and bask in the sunshine and really smell those beautiful flowers....... {sniff} Ahhhhhh! Nice.

Staying Dry in California!

Nicole :-)

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  1. WOW, what a beatiful bird house Katelyne! I'm sure all the birds will love coming to eat at your pink house! You did a very good job young lady!
    Maybe you'll be an famous artist some day. Stay dry and help your Mommy around the house before Tyler comes home!
    Love, Grammy