Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~WHAT???? Are you still doing that Blog?!~

*sigh* Yes, I am still doing the bog, but from the last post with Katelyne starting PreSchool, to say it has been crazy is just not even close to touching how life has been.

Being as hectic as it has been, we have managed to make time for oh-so-fun things with the kids pretty regularly. This past weekend we packed up the ol' Acura for a trip to Pixieland in Concord. It is a small amusement Park in the middle of a big park. It is small. Did I mention it was small? I looked it up online before we went and to say the map was deceiving is just not enough... we were there about 2 hours AND we had lunch AND we rode some rides twice AND we stopped to potty AND we waited about 6 minutes for the train AND we bought more tickets... we tried to drag it out a little bit.

The first ride Katelyne rode was the airplanes. She is such a big girl - this was the first time she rode a ride all by herself! I was a little emotional, to which I was told to "get the eff over it...". Apparently my husband lacks in the sympathy department.
She also choose to ride the car by herself! It was so cute... she was concentrating and seemed to really believe SHE was driving that car.
Eric and Tyler followed behind in the red car... It took Tyler a little bit to get comfy with it.
Soon, he realized HE could actually steer! And he made car "zoomy" noises the rest of the trip.
My ever sympathetic husband was unable to take the kids on the TeaCups because of a weak stomach... Pfft! All that means is he is a sissy when it comes to fun things... So, Fun Mom went! I will admit that Katelyne begged me to turn the TeaCup and I did - and I gagged. Twice.

The train was last. And the damn thing was so small that I was sitting next to Katelyne in the car in front of Eric and Tyler and this is the only picture I could get because we were practically on top of each other...
What trip is complete without a tat?
The kids had a blast. It was a fun afternoon and rather inexpensive too! Whoo Hoo!
I know that we will go again because I was told, "Mom?! You know what would be a great idea???" "What Katelyne?" " If you brought Tyler and me back here soon for more fun without Dad!" "Yup, that would be fun..."

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  1. OR better yet....bring Crazy Grammie....she'll ride all the rides with you!!!! Looks like you had a very fun time!!! Disneyland will be awesome in March....Tyler will be so ready to ride rides then!!! Keep the blogs coming Princess Pooh you rock with your stories!!!
    Love Grammie