Monday, August 23, 2010

~First Day of Pre-School~

Such a big girl. Time has certainly flown by and now I have a real "pre-schooler"...
Here is her new classroom:
She played outside on the new playground:
And most importantly, she made a fantastic Mrs. Potato Head...
She was so proud of her creation:

I will still say, that I am not sad that she is growing. I will still say, that I am happy to watch her grow... and it will still be hardest to convince myself.

I am, however, so very proud of her. She is smart, witty, compassionate and an all around wonderful little person - even at 4 years old.

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  1. Our little girl is growing so fast!!! I know today is her first day with out Mommy I know she'll make so many new friends and learn so much!!! Congrats my Katie Bear Grammie loves you too much!!!