Thursday, October 14, 2010

~I Have Been Found Out...~

The kids and I set out to the Farm today to get our fresh fruits and veg for the next few days... I cannot tell you how delicious the pears looked! They were .30 a piece! Amazing! I bought 4.Tyler has had them before and Katelyne is still struggling with the "I don't like it..." whenever she sees somethings that does not resemble Mac N Cheese or a processed Chicken Nugget.

So, for lunch today I cut up and served them both some of the pear, and decided to tell them it was, in fact, apple.

Katelyne instantly told me she didn't like it. I informed her that she had never had it before and she should try it... I continued that it was an October Apple that only grew around Halloween time and had a sweetness to it like Candy Corn. (You believe me right?!)
I was switching laundry and over heard this:

Katelyne to Tyler - "Bub, did you try this? Mom says it is 'Tober Apple... I don't believe her. I think she just wants us to taste it........... Do you want mine? Ok, me either."

Then the softest whisper ever... "Roxy!!! Rrrroooooxxxyyyyyyy!!!! Here you go good girl."

I am unsure if I should be upset......

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  1. It's good to always have your special mommy listening ears on where you can HEAR ALL!!! Missy I do believe you did that same thing to your brother BUT Sam ate anything that didn't eat him first!!! I'd like to try a Tober Apple!!!