Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~Would CPS Approve?"

Katelyne - "Mom, I am thirsty... can I get a juice out the garage please?"
Me - "Sure Honey, thanks for being polite."
Katelyne - *Comes in with something behind her back* "Mom, you know what would be soooo good for my tummy?!" *Turns around with a beer* "If I could drink this!"
Me - "Are you nuts? Go put that back please and get your juice..."
Katelyne - "But I promise I will take a good nap if I can have this..."
Me - "You have no idea... have a juice" *Hmmmm, maybe.......*

A few seconds later she comes in with a juice...

Katelyne - "Mom? I sure would have like to drink that cream soda!"
Me - "What cream soda?
Katelyne - "The one dad drinks, he told me it was his cream soda!"


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