Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~I No Longer have Babies~

...I have a toddler and a PreSchooler... I tried to get a picture of him in his no-longer-a-baby hat, but he was much happier without it on. He even smiled!Who came up with such crappy descriptions anyhow??? I mean really toddler means "I am still dependent on Mom, but I can run from her if I choose" and PreSchooler means "I am on the highway to Smarter than Mom... do you think she'll notice?"

I feel old.

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  1. Don't feel old... feel accomplished...getting our babies to their first birthday is one of the hardest years we have with them....both the mom and the child faceing different obstacles each and every day....then we can't wait until they are walking and talking....the next thing you know they are getting ready for a don't feel old feel more experienced...because each day we learn something new and it's something we can pass on to our wonderful children....I still don't feel old yet and my children are grown...WHY??? Because you are only get old if you stop living and enjoying life!!!!
    I love you little've done a wonderful job with your babies!!