Monday, April 19, 2010

~How Does Your Garden Grow?~

For as long as she learned how to speak, Katelyne has been asking to plant a garden. Not for eating the vegetables, but I think more so for her own independence - "I did that" sort of independence.
Every year we have seemed to miss the seasonal boat, so this year I was determined to make that happen for her. This morning we headed off to OSH to get our supplies. TO my surprise she knew what she wanted to plant, and exactly what she needed in order to make them grow... at this point I am beyond proud that she is so smart, or she really takes after my side and is just a smart-ass, either way she knows her stuff.
She knew she wanted corn, tomato's and strawberries. I threw in a squash because Tyler LOVES them... she picked out a fence to keep out "critters", the dirt, told me she need "fergaliser" and some gloves.... Princesses are not too keen on getting dirt under their nails ya know...
She did so well and watered everything when we finished. Then we moved onto strawberries that are in a pot on the patio. The only struggle with this was she was devastated they did not have a purple pot... she told the cashier of her disappointment.

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  1. It appears she did an awesome job! I can't wait to come over for dinner and have her serve us home grown veggies!!! Great Job my Katie Bear!!!