Monday, March 29, 2010

~Where the Hell Have You Been?!?!?!?~

Well, it has been lovingly brought to my attention, that I have neglected the 1 person who reads this blog. The 1 person whom I talk with everyday and the 1 person who has 3 pictures for every one I have of my kids.... Here you go Mom.

Tyler has been a ton more mobile these days....crawling wherever he can fit! Which in turn makes him VERY curious abour his surroundings. Lately he wants to be right. in. the. camera.

He is soooo cute though, and if I recall correctly, my little Katelyne LOVED the camera too at this age. Now I have to bribe with tiaras and shoes to get her to smile for me.....

"Young and Dumb" takes on a whole new meaning....


  1. Dearest Daughter....Thank you so much for updating your blog!!! I love the your interpretation and descriptions of every event. I look forward to the days when Katelyne and I can re-read these post by her Mommy and we can laugh....but most of all I can confirm the stories behind the blogs!!! All TRUE!!
    All my love my wonderful daughter, Mom/Grammie

  2. Well you actually have 2 readers. ;) (and you're probably wondering who the heck is this lady? March BBC) Glad you're back updating. Loved all the new pics.