Monday, March 29, 2010

~Santa Here We Come~

Off to see Santa we go... We spent 2 days prior pumping up Katelyne on how the old guy would bring her whatever she asked for. We followed up these instructions with the ideas of what we wanted her to have. Genius, I know. She was all clammed up at first, but quickly opened up when I reminded her that if she said nothing, then she got........

TyTy was not as sure... and Katelyne quickly grew bored of him not paying attention. There was an odd elf outside that was a little freaky, but the kids seemed to enjoy her and I guess that was what mattered... she made candycane balloons! Shortly after these shots, Katelynes burst on the grass.... needless to say, a "small donation" supplied her with another one she "had to have". I think it is still in my car trunk, it is March.

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