Monday, March 29, 2010

~Bath Time Giggles~

Having one kiddo is fun! By "fun" I mean easy.

Tyler quickly outgrew his baby tub, and we have now upgraded to the bath seat! He couldn't be happier! So, I have resorted to one of the many things I swore I would NEVER do..... Team Bathing. I was against this only because my Katelyne is eternally inquisitive. Asking questions overandoverandoaver again - then she will ask a few more times to check that you weren't fibbing.

But the fun they have together is fantastic! They squirt each other with bacteria infested toys, blow bubbles in the dirty bath water and create small tidal waves in the bathroom!

It was fantastic until I came to realize what exactly it means to be a boy. Here is my interpretation: It means bugs are no match!, no dirt is too dirty!, he will always have a "little boy" smell - no roses here Lady, he will melt me every time he smiles as he throws my favorite nick-knacks in the toilet..... means figuring out what ALL things do, and why they are there... means getting caught doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing, will always be funny.
Oh! My Little Man.... This. Will. Be. Fun.

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