Monday, October 12, 2009


My daughter has NO fear.... zero, zilch, nada, none...

We were off to a friends 4th birthday party. Her Father, (lets call him Psycho for anonymity sake) purchased his little girl a Honda 50, which is a smaller version of an adult size dirt bike. Katelyne could not wait long enough for Psycho's daughter to finish so she could Diva-fye the helmet and have a ride herself.... with Dad. I was naturally against the whole thing... but I HAD to take pictures.
There are kitty ears on the top of the helmet and a kitty tail on the back... yes, she is wearing a dress. How do you ride a dirt bike?!

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  1. A girl after her Grammy's own heart!!! I was so excited when I got my first dirt bike which was a 100......I felt so awesome riding with the boys!