Monday, September 14, 2009

~Movin' Along~

I realize it has been almost a month since I updated this little blog! My, how times flies when life is crazy!

This Mommy business that I have started has become rather hectic with my 2 little guys and then I go and read about the Duggers having their 19th kid... Yup! I think there is a slight level of crazy there, but I refuse to judge... out loud anyway.

Katelyne has started swim classes! She is such a fish! So much so that Eric and I having lovingly nicknamed her Michelle Phelps (hopefully without the "herbs" to "help her swim faster"). She recently started in the 3 year old class at school and learns tons daily! From tid-bits about insects to spitting, she has learned lots! Now, Eric and I spend our time directing her to what is acceptable behavior and what is not... we have laughed out loud several times.

Last week, Katelyne and I had a Mommy/Daughter day and headed to the Mall for some girly shopping... we raided Claires and came home with a purple feather boa, colorful hair extensions, tattoos, glitter eyeshadow and stick-on earrings... We had a blast!

Here is Katelyne modeling everything...Tyler is also growing like a weed. Last check he was 19lbs and 14oz! The kicker is that he is 27 3/4" long! He. Is. Huge.

He cut his first tooth last week.... not fun.While life has been crazy, what with business, work, parenting and attempting to relax in 3 minute intervals, I have to remind myself that my babes are growning fast!!

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