Monday, October 19, 2009

~Pumpkin Patch 2009~

October brings cooler temperatures, shorter days, cozier evenings, more work for Daddy and.... The Pumpkin Patch! About this time of year, Katelyne realizes that the holidays are starting. More importantly: Christmas is coming!!!

To distract her, and every other child I am sure, Halloween is strategically placed roughly 2 months prior to the opening of waaaayyyy too much stuff. To seize the given opportunity, we take her to said pumpkin patch to increase the excitement for candy from strangers, and lessen the excitement of gifts from family and friends! (?)
This is also exciting as it proved to be a very entertaining first pumpkin patch experience for Tyler. It started out innocently... I carried him in his Ergo carrier and he took in the sights and smells of a hay filled, musty pumpkin field. After about 15 minutes of the search for a wagon to haul Eric's pumpkin (yes, Eric's H.U.G.E. pumpkin) I decided to set my little man down for some pictures.
Then it happened.... I set him near a few nice looking pumpkins, took two steps back, squat ed low to be eye level and he leaned forward, grabbed two handfuls of hay and was a miserable, emotional mess after that! He had this look of, "It's. Touching. Me." for the rest of the afternoon...
Even with Katelyne sitting right next to him, he was sooooo upset. Katelyne thought it was funny for about 2 seconds... she then looked at him and very sternly stated, "TyTy, it only hay... move on..." (*insert* 13 year old eye roll)... amazing.
She, on the other hand was fine.... had a small melt down with a few rides, but Mom and Dad prevailed!!! Parents Unite! We won an argument with the 3 year old!!!! Whoo Hoo!

So, another conquering of pumpkins... in a few short days we will be attempting to tame the beast of the sugar rush.... I am off to rest now.

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