Monday, July 12, 2010

~We Are Lake People, We Are Beach People~

I guess that makes us "Bakes"? Or "Leaches"? Well, whatever we are, we are pretty much happy no matter which direction we head... this past weekend we headed south-west, to Santa Cruz.

It was a little foggy, but beautiful as always.
It was the first time Tyler would get close enough to the water to get a little sand stuck between his tootsies... He would only go as far as Dad.
It is funny how you realize how small your kiddies are when they stand in front of the ocean... I love this picture of my Lil' man.
Daddy dug in the sand and built castles and bridges with Katelyne - who was camera shy for the most part...
...Until I caught her not paying attention and snapped this gem of a face!
She looks so pissed! And she would not even look my direction if i had the camera for the rest of the day - such a stinker.

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  1. Just like us our RV takes us to either and we totally enjoy where ever we are!! I love the pic of Ty and Eric.....he totally is our little man......Oh Katelyne my dear.....frowns cause wrinkles.....where's the purdy smile Princess Kate????