Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~Tea Party for a Princess~

*sigh* My baby is 4...

And since she IS a Princess, we had to have a Princess Party for her.

There is a fantastic place about 3 cities over (sounds farther than it is), that is home to SuperFranks! They have an outstanding Princess Tea Party Room...
They do the little girls hair, complete with glitter AND they get to dress up as a Princess - as many times as they like....
Katelyne and I make cupcakes with purple sprinkles, we had chocolate covered grahm crackers as a favor and the kids each took a bucket full of candy... you can see the buckets behind the candy jars here:
We stamped and water color painted cupcakes on a few sticks:

I am not that talented... we bought these:
Cinderella showed up!!!!!!
Your Heiress let peasants such as Mom and Dad get close enough to take a picture:
The kiddies dined on pizza and juice:
And Missy was wiped out!
It was so much fun, but the best part was on the way home when she told us, "it was the best day of her life..."

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  1. Caleigh and I had so much fun. She'll be talking about it for awhile, I'm sure. Thanks for inviting us! It was great to see you. I'd like to see you more often!