Thursday, May 27, 2010

~Off Topic - Sex and the City~

I have never understood this phenomenon... I guess being middle aged, having oodles of money to shop, boyfriends half my age and man problems could be fun, but it is just not for me (or is it.....)

In my card making business, my SIL is my biggest customer quantity wise... until now! I just finished a custom order of 8 cards for my new Biggest Customer! SHe plans on sending these cards out to her closest girlfriends after their girls night out tonight to see SATC! What a fantastic idea... it sure sparked my creativity as I was incapable of making any of the cards even slightly similar.... damn OCD.

Here they are, enjoy! I am off to complete an order from my favorite SIL - yes, yes, they will help her to regain her title as "Paper Festivites Best Customer Who Makes the Mostest Adorable Babies"... after my babies anyway...

Tell me what you think!

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