Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~I Gave In~

Katelyne is a beautiful child.... I am biased. But everyone that knows her says the same, so I must be right. Right?!

I gave in to this by entering her into a Parents Magazine cover contest. I was realistic that there would be 1,000's of entries, I tried not to get too excited about it. When I entered her there were 1,823 entries for that week. Yes. Week.

I sent in these pictures:
Then, this past Monday, I got the email - She was a finalist!!! My Baby made the cut!! I am a psychotic stage Mom!!! Whoo Hoo! This feels sooooo good!!!!
Parents Magazine used the last picture.... those green eyes really speak to most people... I imagine this is what she will say when we win.... I mean when she wins:
"Thank you Mommy for making me smile for all those pictures. Thanks Daddy for going to work everyday and making money. Thanks PopPop for only sharing your eye with me - I got them from him...."

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  1. I hear people EVERYDAY say right out front my office door.....Oh my she's so beautiful.....I just smile because I know she's very beautiful and she's MY GRAND DAUGHTER!!!!
    I have her, Tyler and now little Reagan's pictures all over my door and office....just to keep me smiling everyday!