Friday, November 13, 2009

~Sea Cliff Beach Trip~

While Vetrans Day is filled with loving memories of those we have lost and those still living this free life with us... we always embark on something that is relaxing and fun so we can enjoy this wonderful country we all live in...

This year we headed to the beach to hang with Grammie and PopPop!
Tyler had sooooo much fun with his PopPop. I think they are the same person, only different sizes? PopPop acts like he is about 3 when he is with Tyler... which is awesome. They both had such a great time trying to out fun the other, that they even attempted a nap!... Grammie and Katelyne found new ways to ride a scooter - you know a way that requires zero physical activity!
But, we never forget why we really have this day off... to remember.

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