Monday, November 30, 2009

~Have You Ever Held a Rainbow?~

Another Thanksgiving holiday, another chance to head out camping! We packed it all up last minute and headed out to camping along the infamous Delta River!

Last year we had a great time. The weather was perfect, the sun was shinning, little to no wind and tons of fantastic family time! Not this year.....

We got out there on Thursday and had an outstanding meal prepared by yours truly and PopPop. We rock if I do say so myself! Grammie picked up a great ham and Eric brought, ummmm.... himself? Well, regardless, it was awesome. We had turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls..... you get it, right? EVERYTHING!!!

Everyone ate too much including Tyler, who was over the moon for turkey and mashed taters. So, for the remaining afternoon we stayed pretty quiet and just walked around, watched a movie and talked. It was wonderful! Friday morning was a tad chilly. We ended up having wind and rain most of the day, but Katelyne and Grammie each had their first chance to "hold a rainbow".

Yes, Katelyne is showing Grammie how to do it right! "Yike dis Grammie!"

By the time Grammie was done hoggin' Rainbow holding time, Katelyne needed a boost! In steps, the Dad Ladder... coming to HSN this holiday season.

I simply could not resist a picture of my very tired little girl.

So, that night we awoke to winds in the 60mph range. The trailer was insane! (If that sounds redneck-ish, then good. I am not afraid to say I live in a trailer with no permanent address... it is how the government cannot find me.) Grammie had the flu all night and Eric and I decided to do what any other normal parents would do: Get the hell outta dodge before the children loose their minds from being cooped up! Well, it was mainly our own sanity, but whatever.... who's keeping track?!

We had a lovely time that Saturday evening in front of the fire all warm and cozy with the children.... AT HOME!

All's well now, trailers back at home, we're back at home, Grammie is re hydrated and Roxy is still sleeping.....

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  1. It was a wonderful one day of camping! I did get to ride my bike with Miss Katelyne.....and "the Flu" I believe was actually "sea" sickness from the wild night in the RV from the wind rocking us so made me queasy in the tummy. BTW my little Jackson is still sleeping too...our dogs get so worn out from all the activity that's for sure!