Friday, November 6, 2009

~Attempting Holiday Pictures...~ TAKE 1

So, the kids and I ventured out into the great wide open that most would call.... "our backyard" to start the annual "holiday picture quest". This is our first year heading out on said quest, so , I hoped it didn't get too.... ummmmm, fuzzy?

To start, Katelyne just was not having her adorable outfit... her main focus was a juice box. When could she have it, what kind can she have, could she have more than one???... now?... now?... now?...

Mommy's internal monologue, "NO, NO, NO!!! DAMIT KATELYNE JUST SMILE A TAKE A GOOD PICTURE!!!! JEEZ." *protruding vein on forehead...*

Mommy's actual words, "Muffin, you can have a juice as soon as we take a few pictures, OK? Now smile pretty so we can be done sooner...." *flutter my eyelashes*

Well, I got some pretty good ones. There are some with her "guiding" Tyler's head toward the camera - I am sure because she was tired of me saying his name 100 times, there are some of her dancing around - impatiently and there are some that I just look at and smile... they are who they are. At least there was no nose picking..... on film anyhow.

And yes, for those of you with Child Protective Services on speed dial, she did get her juice...

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