Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~Happiness Is...~

My two wonderful, happy, healthy, beautiful kids...

While I am up most of the night into the morning feeding, diapering and burping like crazy... it is the first part of the morning, that includes the sunshine, when both of my kids are in bed with me all snuggled in watching some news, that fills me up. To talk with Katelyne and hear that she slept good, to hear Tyler's coo, are two of my favorites things, but NOTHING compares to Katelyne leaning over, giving Tyler a gentle kiss, a slight squeeze and a soft hand pet, saying, "Hi broder... good morning - you sleep good?" Melts my heart everytime....

While life has been an absolute zoo around here: with baby, toddler, work, business, house chores and Mommy/Daddy time... I realize that my most precious moments are those in the early morning hours with my two little loves at my sides.

Watching Katelyne grow so quickly into this headstrong, vivacious, independent, smart, funny, beautiful little girl has shown me that while these young baby stages go like a flash of light, it does get better. Each day there is more love, patience, learning and togetherness that I wouldn't trade for anything... I have realized now, at 30, what my Mother meant all those times she would say, "my children are my life..."

Thanks Mommy :-)


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  1. You are most welcome Princess Pooh.....and at 30 and 28 yes my kids and now my grandkids as still my life...MY WHOLE LIFE and I wouldn't change a thing.....We have a great family that still growing!
    Love, Your Mommy