Friday, May 1, 2009

~Daily Smiles~

We officialy have no "down time". There are no mandatory 10 minute breaks, no 30 minute lunch, no potty breaks without company and if I smoked, I would not be alone in that either....

Life is good.

Yesterday my first really good belly laugh came in the form of my dear, sweet, think-outside-the-box daughter. I asked her to clean up her room and put all of her baby things away. I may have mentioned that she needed to "fill up the pink box" by the time I came back down the hall... she did - with herself. I was snort laughing... the route in which her genius mind works is amazing.

Then there is my son. He who lives for the 3 main man ideals: eat, sleep, poop. Done. End of story - please do not make the mistake in thinking there are other important things in life. There are not. The picture above is my sweet son with a little smirk. This occured after he let out the loudest, stinkiest fart ever... then followed the gnarliest poop filled Huggie that you have ever seen. Yes, EVER! I lovingly said, "Oh my God Tyler! That was disgusting!!!" Then came the smirk. He is a smart ass, just like his Mommy.

Isn't he cute!?

Tonight after bathtime, Katelyne was lovin' her little brother... My 2 most precious little beings. While there are days I could scream and drink heavily, I am constantly amazed that Eric and I created these 2. All of the love we have for each other was poured into these guys. And they are amazing.

I hope that Katelyne appreciates and loves her little brother more everyday as I do my little brother... and I hope Tyler realizes that Katelyne is the coolest, most beautiful, smartest girl ever... as my brother does me. :-)

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  1. Ohhhhhh the memories come flooding back as I see you dealing daily with your children......I truly try to think back to those chaotic try and give you some great advice....but I guess the time flew by so quickly I can't remember how we did it.....I do remember how I loved everything little thing you and your little brother did.....most of the time....I remember the smiles and the laughs....lots and lots of laughs....I can't however remember any bad times.....I can see you even today telling your brother what to wear everyday and how to comb his were starting to become a mother at a very young age, I think that's why you are such a wonderful Mommy now...lots of practice on Sam!! Or we could say "Yup, she's a overachiever and a little controlling"
    But I prefer to say you are perfect to us .... you are you are successful, beautiful, funny and a loving caring wife and mother.Your father and I are probably the most proudest parents alive!
    I love you so much my little girl....Love, Your Mommy